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Research Methods: Books

Print and electronic resources on research planning, design and execution.


Consult the index of the book for exact pages on the topic.


FIND A BOOK  in Duns Scotus Library by searching in the online catalog and noting the Dewey decimal call number. 

LIMIT TO THOSE NOT CHECKED OUT will display only books in the library, not ebooks. Check this box to narrow the search results to find items on the shelves.

BROWSE the stacks (book shelves) to serendipitously find other books.

DEWEY NUMBERS for research include:

  • 001.4 Research (action research, evaluation research, what is research)
  • 001.42 Research methods
  • 001.43 Descriptive and experimental methods

DEWEY NUMBERS for subject specific research include, but not limited to:

  • 150.72 Psychology -- Research
  • 300.72 Social science -- Research
  • 370.72  Education -- Research
  • 610.72 Health care -- Research
  • 610.73072 Nursing -- Research
  • 658.83 Marketing --Research
  • 907 History -- Research