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Spirituality and Nursing: Home

Can be used for NUR250 to complete assignment dealing with the nursing process and spiritual interventions for patients.

Spirituality and Nursing for NUR 250

Nursing education includes exploring the concepts of religion and spirituality, as it pertains to the nurse's role in caring for the patient using spiritual care interventions. Spiritual health of both patient and nurse are a part of wellbeing.

Consider a scenario in which a nurse would have to apply the nursing process to a patient. How can a nurse apply spiritual interventions in a meaningful way?

To find support references look for books or ebooks in the catalog. Use the subject: NURSING -- RELIGIOUS ASPECTS or NURSING AND SPIRITUALITY.

To find articles look in the Lourdes Databases, such as CINAHL. Use the subjects SPIRITUAL CARE and NURSING, or keywords such as spiritual support, spiritual interventions, patient spirituality.

The next few tab pages will give some examples of what is available.

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