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Diversity: Sexual Orientation

Located here are suggestions for resources about diversity related materials in specific areas.

Search terms: LCSH SUBJECT and key words

Gender identity, sexual identity, sex identity
Homosexuality, lesbianism
Bisexual, bisexuals, bisexuality,Transsexuality, transsexualism, transgender people, transgendered people
Heterosexuals, straights, straight persons
Gay men, gays, homosexuals, lesbians, gay women, sexual minorities
Gay couples, lesbian couples, same-sex couples, same-sex marriage, gay marriage, gay adoption
Sexual minorities, LGBT, LBGT
Homophobia, heterosexuals, heterosexism
Gay rights, gay liberation movement, gay and lesbian studies
Discrimination against gays, against lesbians, against homosexuals, against bisexuals
Gay conservatives, lesbian consumers, gay students
Mormon gays, gay Mormons; African American gays, gay African Americans

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Databases and journals