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Primary Sources: Sciences

Primary Research Articles in the Sciences

Science Primary Sources

Primary science sources include conference papers, laboratory notebooks, patents, research articles, interviews, dissertations, and technical reports.  Science databases such as Science Citation Index Expanded  provides   indexes, abstracts, and cited references for articles in the sciences.  In some cases the full text of the articles are located in EBSCO and EJC.  Consult the listed databases for primary sources. Refer to " BUT I NEED A RESEARCH ARTICLE" under "Database Strategies" for an outline of a research article.


Database Strategies

Not all databases are the same but many have similar features. Look for the following:

CREATE AN ACCOUNT in order to save articles, retrieve, or share your research at a later time or location.

SUBJECT AND KEYWORD searches are not the same. Each database uses its own controlled vocabulary list for subjects. Keywords are usually found in titles, abstracts, subjects... If you search by keyword narrow the results by sugested subjects, ifavailable.

SEARCH HISTORIES keep track of what combinations of terms are used and allow you to view those results.

FIND IT icon displays where the article is located in print or maybe full text in another database.

GUIDES, help, documentation are all names of links to display the features of the particular database.

CITATION styles help with your reference or bibliography page. Cut and paste to an existing Word document, or save to your account to view later.

WHAT'S NEW Text to speech function is available in some databases. Have it read to you!

BUT I NEED RESEARCH ARTICLE Look for options to limit your results to research articles if that's what you need.