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Faculty tips: Public Library: TLCPL

Archive of monthly email tips to faculty about library resources.

Lourdes and TLCPL present

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Search Ohio for public libraries' collections

In the OhioLINK catalog you will find the link to search Ohio public library catalogs.

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Borrow TLCPL items

There are two ways to borrow books from the public library using your Lourdes barcode:

1. Check out the 50 popular fiction and nonfiction 'leisure reading' books from TLCPL for our patrons to borrow. The titles are listed in the Lourdes catalog as  Lourdes Popular Collection. (Search by local call number "UC" to see the 50 call numbers. Click on a call number and see the title.) The books are displayed in the middle of the Lourdes library main reading room. The newest batch of 50 titles include:

   live from ny           As you wish                Gray mountain

2. OR, After searching in the OPAL catalog for a title and then the OhioLINK catalog, click on the SEARCH OHIO icon to see if your title is in any Ohio public library. You can borrow it in the same way you request and check out an OhioLINK book. Pick it up, read it, and return it to the Duns Scotus Library!


Did you know you can dowload songs from TLCPL?

Did you know you can dowload songs from TLCPL?
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No, I didn't know that.: 1 votes (50%)
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