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Faculty tips: Locating Articles

Archive of monthly email tips to faculty about library resources.

Library Tools for Finding Articles by Citation

There are different means to find an article using a citation. Using  examples and the tools available through our library we may be able to locate the full text. Listed below are online tools and in the corresponding named drop down pages above are screen shots of the results.

What else you should know...

OPAL / OhioLINK catalog will list the titles of print journals that libraries own. A few university libraries will let you borrow bound volumes. Title search can be limited to periodicals if the title is too general.

If all else fails you can fill out an article request form and library staff will do the search for you.

If you have a book citation it is best to search in the OPAL catalog. Some chapters of books are indexed and are searchable by title; others are searchable by key words; and others are not indexed. 

A student may have a hard time deciphering citations; given a citation they may not know if they are looking for a book, a chapter, or an article.