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Faculty tips: LibGuides

Archive of monthly email tips to faculty about library resources.


On the library homepage in the left column is a link to LibGuides. I have created specific subject guides:  

These LibGuides can:

  • Point students to the proper database to use for journal articles,
  • Suggest subjects to use in the book catalog,
  • Show them a few good Internet sites,
  • Offer tips for using library resources online.




Usage statistics show which ones are most popular, so either the students in those courses need the library resources more than others, or the LibGuide has already been promoted in those classes. If you have done that, thank you!

What you can do

Help boost usage stats for my LibGuide pages: On Sakai, or in your syllabus, post the link for your discipline’s LibGuide. It may save students’ time and it will show how useful libraries can be!

Contact me to add missing information to a LibGuide for your area, or to create a specific LibGuide for a course.