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Faculty tips: OhioLINK Electronic Journal Finder

Archive of monthly email tips to faculty about library resources.

Citation search: Long, S. (2004). Taking Responsibility for Professional Development. Science Teacher, 71(10), 10.

Type the journal name and then select <GO>

OL ejournal 1


Next review list of options.

Notice the citation we need is from 2004 and both databases have full text starting in 2005. Therefore, it is not available online. Checking the OhioLINK catalog we might find the print version.

OL Ejournal finder 2

Search the OhioLINK catalog for a print copy.

If another library owns the print you can go there to read or copy from it. Or, library staff can request a copy be sent to us. Lastly, some libraries allow bound volumes to circulate so a patron could request this using their Lourdes barcode. Notice that Lourdes owns this periodical.

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