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Writing Styles: MLA: Works Cited Page

Basic APA, Chicago Style and MLA documentation.

Format for works cited page: MLA

  • Documentation page titled "Works Cited," centered left to right.
  • Maintain DOUBLE-SPACING. 

  • List entries alphabetically by authors' last names.
  • Use hanging indent format for each entry.
  • List publication medium (print, web, photo) for each entry.


    MLA References: Books

    Information Needed:

    • Authors, in order of appearance on book
    • Complete Title, Capitalizing First Letter of Each Word Except Short Internal Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Articles (as shown here)
    • Edition, if applicable
    • City of publication (closest if multiple)
    • Publisher
    • Copyright (most recent if multiple)
    • Page range if using anthology
    • Editor, if applicable
    • Publication medium (print or web)
    • Include hanging indents when formatting in Word

    One Author:

    Last Name, First Name. Title. City: Publisher, Copyright Year. Medium.

    Wroblewski, David. The Story of Edgar Sawtell. New York: HarperCollins, 2008. Print.

    Two or Three Authors

    Last Name, First Name and First Last Name(s).

    Callanan, Maggie and Patricia Kelley. Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying. New York: Bantam Books, 1992. Print.

    Four (or more) Authors:

    Bush, Lee O. et al. Euclid Beach Park Is Closed for the Season. Mentor, OH: Amusement Park Books, Inc., 1977. Print.

    Work from Anthology

    Shakespeare, William. "Julius Caesar." The Riverside Shakespeare. Ed. G.B. Evans. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1974. 1105-1134. Print.

    Bible - A Standard Version:

    Title without italics. Print. Name of version followed by VERS. List no publication information.

    The Bible. Print. King James Vers.

    Bible - Specific Edition or Translation:

    The Oxford Annotated Bible. Ed. Herbert G. May and Bruce M. Metzger. New York: Oxford University Press, 1962. Print. Revised Standard Vers.

    MLA References: Scholarly Journal Articles

    Information needed:

    • Authors, in order of appearance on article
    • Complete title of article
    • Complete title of scholarly journal
    • Volume of journal
    • Issue of journal
    • Publication date of journal
    • Articles' page range (NO use of page, p., or pp.)
    • Publication medium: Print or Web.
    • Access date if Web
    • Online database, if applicable

    Scholarly Journals from Web or Print:

    Last Name, First Name. "Article Title." Journal Title Volume.Issue (Date) : pages. Medium. Access date if from web.

    Gresham, Gina. "A Study of Mathematics Anxiety in Pre-Service Teachers." Early Childhood Education Journal 35.2 (Oct. 2007) : 181-188. Web. 29 Nov. 2012.

    Journal from Online Database:

    Follow initial journal format. Insert Online Database after page range.

    Sparks, Sara D. "Studies Probe Power of 'Personalization.'" Education Week 32.5 (26 Sept. 2012) : 1-15. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Feb. 2013.

    MLA References: Website Articles

    Information Needed:

    • Authors, if available
    • Article title
    • Title of website, if available
    • Date of post
    • Publication medium: Web
    • Access date
    • While MLA no longer requires the web address for citations, individual instructors MIGHT! If required, list the root address in <elbow brackets> after date of access. Always record the web address while researching.

    With Author:

    Fleming, Neil. "Research & Statistics." VARK: A Guide to Learning Styles, 2013. Web. 11 Feb. 2013. <>.

    No Author: Start with Article Title

    Visuals (ex: Computer Graphics, Photos, Ads) 

    Artist's Last Name, First Name. Title of Work. Date created. Medium of Work. Website Title. Website Sponsor, Date of Posting. Web. Access Date.

    Hagen, Ralph. Please Cite My Papers. 2008. Cartoon. Redbubble. Redbubble Pty, Ltd., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2013.